My First Breakfast Story: Avocado + Toast

My First Breakfast Story: Avocado + Toast

Hi Friends! I'm Yeji : -)

I'm all new to blogging, but I'm a lover of eating food, baking food, cooking food, sharing food and photographing food-- so it just fits the puzzle that I start a food blog to document all the food & recipes I love! I'm a dreamer and I know this will be the beginning of a very tasty journey! 

For my first post, what better way than to share what I made for breakfast : Avocado Toast ! I love how versatile avocados are, you can use it to make so many different snacks. 

Oh! I also made my first poached egg this morning, turned out pretty good if I must say... I think I'll do a blog post on how to make  foolproof poached eggs-- if I can make it, anyone can. 

Thanks for stopping by my small corner of the internet! I hope you enjoy this breakfast or snack as much as I did! 

- Love, Yeji

Baking & Pastry Arts student
Aspiring food stylist