Fresh Mint Iced Coffee

It's Monday morning. It's raining outside. I need some coffee. 

I woke up to Ollie's (that's my pup) whining to take him out to use the potty. He's like an alarm clock, he starts whining and crying at 7AM. Every. Morning. 
I put on my rain coat, thinking that it'd be chilly, but it was so humid and hot. 
There I was standing in the rain, waiting for my pup to finish doing his business so I could just go inside and make a cup of coffee.
I took a waste bag, reached down to pick his doggy-do up to find out there's a HOLE in the bag! Ew!!
What a start to a morning, huh? But nothing some coffee can't fix!

If you've had a rough morning like me, try this fresh mint iced coffee! It'll definitely refresh your morning! Scroll down for the recipe! 

- ❤ Yeji


Fresh Mint Iced Coffee

Makes 2 cups

You'll need:

Mint Simple Syrup
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 bunch of fresh mint

Iced Coffee
2 cups cold brew coffee
Ice cubes

In a glass, add ice, pour in coffee, add mint simple syrup (to your preference) and top with a couple mint leaves! You can add some cream or milk if you'd like. Enjoy!




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